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Thanks for stopping by to check this page and get to know me. I appreciate your time. My name is Shelly Willoughby and I'm going to share my journey with you on a level that is probably a bit more intimate/honest than you might expect on an About page. And I'd LOVE to get to know you as well, so feel free to drop me a line or make a post in our Facebook Group.

Here goes...

How did I end up here?

Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I have learned over the years that sometimes we all need some kind of help.

For the past 20 years, I have been coaching and helping people achieve their goals, sometimes even catapulting them into their dream lives. [Close friends, family, and several acquaintances that happened by chance]

These people weren’t all asking me for help.

The Good

People who know me will laugh and tell you that anytime anyone would casually share their goals with me or vent about what’s stopping them from accomplishing something, my natural reaction was to immediately hyper-focus, go into problem-solving mode, dig deeper, and help them.

I would get on the phone [in front of them] and make the calls they’d been putting off for whatever reason, get on the internet and download forms, offer transportation, stand in long lines with them, sometimes even give them money (if that’s what was holding them back)…basically, whatever steps could be taken right then…I took them.

Sometimes this help would inspire these people and they would feel a sense of empowerment and get motivated enough to take things ‘all the way’. I LOVE when this happens! And I love watching people go on to ultimately realize their dreams. It's what fulfills me.

But it didn’t always work out that way.

The Not So Good

There were times where I would be so passionate about this other person’s success that I’d call them often to check progress, and if they shied away, I would [sometimes] literally beg them to take action and follow through.

I’m all about ultra-productivity, so I would usually be pressing for progress at a faster rate than they were willing to keep up with.

My operating model has always been “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

This would often lead to a disconnect.

Either they’d end up feeling pressured -or- I’d end up feeling like I wasted my time.

In case of the first scenario where they’d abandon their own idea because they felt pressured, I would be so deeply involved and sure that I could bring ‘it’ to fruition that I’d often continue the project and BUILD A BUSINESS (because I don’t like the thought of wasting my time)! *And they’d happily accept when I’d hand it back to them, of course.

That wasn’t good either because, in the meantime, I would be neglecting my own affairs.

But I can’t help it! I can’t bear to hear people talk about their goals and dreams passively as if there’s a real reason why they can’t pursue or achieve them. My natural instinct is to sort through all the weeds and create a clear path for them. Because there is no real reason why anyone can’t pursue or achieve their dreams. I know what can be accomplished by merely TAKING ACTION.

The Shift

Since I couldn’t keep neglecting my own business to help other people [who weren’t even asking for my help, btw]. I had to either:

  1. Stop helping people. *not really an option*
  2. Stop helping people who don’t ask and MAKE IT MY BUSINESS to help those who do.

Hence, the birth of this site.

Ultimately, I decided to build my life around my passion. I still run my small business and I still do my freelance writing, but I have made ‘helping people’ an official part of my livelihood. Whereas before, it was taking me away from my livelihood.

So Here We Are

You probably came here to determine if you want my help. And I hope that I’ve done a good job helping you get to know me through this text. You’re still reading, so at least I know I didn’t bore you into clicking away. Here is an overview of what I offer [to anyone who asks, that is…hehehe 😊].


You may be just getting started -or- maybe you haven’t started yet because you don’t think your idea is good enough - maybe you don’t have a clue where to start - maybe you have tried several times, and things never seem to take off.

  • You might need that kick-in-butt to stay productive
  • Someone to consult with on ideas and strategy
  • Someone who can quickly answer questions and share tacit knowledge
  • Someone to help you see the potential in what you’re doing and empower you
  • Someone to keep you accountable and motivated


Maybe you have this GRAND idea…and you get an extended free trial on a platform that is easy enough for you to pull it all together and create a great looking and fully functional website. - Then what??

  • You need someone to show you how to actually make money with it, right?
  • Do you know all the ins and outs of dominating a niche market?
  • Do you know that you should NOT always be selling?
  • Do you know the importance of consistently adding value?
  • Do you know the importance of clearly defining your prime customer?
  • Do you know how much of an impact hyper-targeting will have on your ad spend ROI?
  • Do you know to properly implement affiliate marketing to generate passive income?

Training / Technical Help

I spent most of my 'career' as a technical writer. So documenting what I do as I learn it has always been a thing for me (especially when I learn it the hard way). Being the author of policies, procedures, and work instructions often made me the logical choice to deliver training [because I had to learn them to write them]. Here’s how that transfers to you…

  • Technical setup and integrations
  • Course development and collateral creation
  • Pipeline/funnel creation and automations setup
  • Functionality troubleshooting

Why should you trust me?

I ask you to opt-in on my site because I want you to keep coming back here for valuable information and helpful resources. And helping others succeed really is my passion, whether it's help finding a JOB or building a business.

Since part of my income is generated from visitors who use the products I recommend, of course, I want all my clients to use my affiliate links. This is actually a GREAT thing for you because that’s how you know that I genuinely want to help you build a successful income generating site and audience. Because your long term success directly affects my income. So I guess we can say I am [literally] vested in your success. 😊

Anyone can take my online courses, but I only service clients who use the Kajabi platform because I use it, it’s easy, it’s all-inclusive (saves $$), and I know my way around the backend. I would not be able to confidently offer service involving other platforms that I don’t know very well.

Speaking of which, that’s a perfect example of a micro-niche (something I teach about and help my clients define). That said, I’m going to leave you with *a little mini-lesson here*.

Enjoy! And I look forward to working with you…

~ Shelly 

Remote Work Help | Share My Niche

PS - If you would like to hear my detailed perspective/advice on any particular topic [related to building a business] just comment on one of my articles, or use the contact form. I am a human and I do actually read messages :).


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