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Why is a Micro-Niche and a Refined Audience Important?


Many entrepreneurs [especially in the beginning] think that broadening their services or products to appeal to a wider audience will help drum up business. This couldn't further from the truth! 

Broadening your audience just means more money spent on advertising to a very broad audience. Think about it... If you're targeting homeowners with children and not getting a great return on investment (ROI) for advertising, broadening your audience to include 'all' homeowners is just going to spread your ads more thin. 

If you are not getting results from your advertising, generalizing your ads to resonate with a broader audience is not the answer. You don't need to reach more people, you just need to reach the right people. 

To reach the right people, you need to define and hyper-target your ideal customer/client.

In order to accurately define your ideal customer, you don't need a niche, you need a micro-niche.

The difference between a niche and a micro-niche is...

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