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Why Legitimate Remote Jobs are Hard to Find

job search remote jobs Apr 05, 2019

Have you diligently searched for remote jobs only to be discouraged by seeing the extremely high number of candidates who applied for the same position before you? Or how about getting a response and finding out that the ‘management’ role you applied for was actually for a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme?

According to a survey conducted by Owl Labs spanning 23 countries across 6 continents, only 16% of companies around the globe are fully remote and a whopping 44% do not allow remote work at all.

The survey also established that while 68% of global employees work remote at least once a month, only 18% work remotely full time. Additionally, an overwhelmingly large percent of the employees who reported working remote full time, are in South America).

Also, FlexJobs reports that for every ONE legitimate remote job, there are 60-70 scams!

"44% of global companies do not allow remote work at all."

One reason legitimate remote jobs are not plentiful on the...

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