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Improve Your Bounce Rate with Screen Recordings of Visitor Activity on Your Website


Are you trying to improve your bounce rate but don't know why people are leaving your website? 

If you don't know exactly what a bounce rate is, follow me...

Let's say you invite a new friend over to your house for a special dinner you are preparing. You entice them with all the details and tell them how satisfied they will be after consuming this delectable meal. You can almost hear his/her mouth watering through the phone! So, they accept your offer and head over to your house.

The first thing you do when they arrive is greet them. Then you may offer complimentary snacks and socialize a bit to keep them content and entertained until the main dish is ready to be served. Now, imagine this...

You thought they were going for a bathroom break, but this friend suddenly got up and walked out ‍, with no warning and no explanation [they 'bounced'].

If this was your first time having a friend over, your bounce rate is 100% at this point. NOT good! You might find...

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How People Earn Money on YouTube without a Gazillion Subscribers


There are three types of people in the world... 

  1. Those who are curious about how YouTubers make money, but never really cared enough to do the research
  2. Those who think they know exactly how, but are probably not deeply informed
  3. YouTubers who actually make money on YouTube

Ok, I don’t mean that literally. But generally speaking, you probably fit into one of those categories, right? I mean, if you already knew how to make money on YouTube, instead of reading this article, you’d probably be busy making YouTube videos.

Anyway, there are several different ways people make money on YouTube. I am going to give you the most common, for now.

Google AdSense

You know those sometimes annoying ads at the beginning of YouTube videos? The ones where you stare at the countdown waiting for the button to say Skip Ad? That’s Google AdSense.

Advertisers bid on these spots, the YouTuber does not ‘choose’ these ads. The advertisers based on ad type and...

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