The Truth About Why Your Friends and Family Won’t Support Your Business and How to Avoid Making One Deadly Mistake


Remember that time you couldn’t get your business off the ground because your friends and family didn’t support you or believe in you? They may have been excited and told you it was a GREAT idea but didn’t want to pay for your services or product. Maybe they didn’t take you seriously because your idea was too big. Or maybe since you were presenting a new idea and starting from scratch, they thought you were just struggling and desperate to make a dollar.

Are you going through this right now?

If you are an entrepreneur of any type (or have a friend who is) – selling merchandise, offering services like personal training or coaching, freelancing, mowing lawns, doing hair and makeup, photography, training dogs, cleaning houses, or WHATEVER – I am sure you can relate to this.

The Problem

So many new entrepreneurs reach out to friends and family FIRST to help them get their new businesses off the ground.

This often leads to those passive aggressive Facebook posts about loyalty, water being thicker than blood, haters, people not wanting to see others succeed, and the list goes on… I know you’ve seen them! LOL

The Misinformation

If you google the topic, you will find several articles that help you examine your own behaviors and patterns to determine why your friends and family won’t support you.

And SURE, if you’ve been through this a few times with different ideas over the years, they might try to justify the lack of support by saying [something along the lines of] you’re always hustling or that you never stick with anything.

The Facts

If you’ve ever been bold enough (or hurt and disappointed enough) to actually ASK your friends and family why they couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t support you, some of these may sound familiar:

  • I just don’t have any money right now. – AKA, they can’t afford it…but then you see them paying someone else for the same product/service you were offering. *OUCH*
  • I didn’t know you were serious about that because it’s always something new with you. – If you dig deeper and ask why they didn’t support the very FIRST effort, they will be offended (because there is no real answer).
  • I didn’t need the product/service myself and I ‘forgot’ to share it on my Facebook page. – Says the person who frequently shares GoFundMe campaigns (and other stuff) for people they don’t even know.

Here’s the thing: No matter what reason(s) you’re given… it really has nothing to do with ‘you’ at all!

  • It’s NOT about your approach.
  • It’s NOT about your presentation skills.
  • It’s NOT about you making it seem like they owe you the support.
  • It’s NOT about loyalty.
  • It’s NOT about your history of trying new things each year [I mean…(as mentioned above) they didn’t support the first venture either, right??]
  • It’s NOT about them fearing that you will succeed.

The true answer is simple and impersonal…IT’S HUMAN NATURE! And I advise all my clients to AVOID making the mistake of reaching out to friends and family for support, validation, or even encouragement when it comes to entrepreneurship.


No one wants to bear the responsibility of helping someone get ‘somewhere’. - This is why a person would buy a house from the agent in the luxury car but wouldn’t want to work with the agent in the old beater. And why someone might buy you a beer and a pack of smokes before they'd give you bus fare to get to that job interview. This is also why your friends and family would be willing to become paid clients AFTER you’ve made it and they see you being paid by strangers!

PEOPLE will often avoid getting help for themselves or doing something they’ve always dreamed of simply because doing so may be directly or indirectly helping someone ELSE! – AKA, I need this service, but I don’t want to pay ‘that’ person for it because I think they need the money to support themselves (I’d rather pay the person that doesn’t appear to need my money).

This is REAL, people! If you haven’t experienced this [yet] because you’re still just contemplating the idea of starting a business, I can’t say this loud enough…

DO NOT start a business with the initial expectation of support from your friends and family.


The Gold (My Advice)

If you can avoid depending on your friends and family to be your first supporters, you will preserve many relationships and keep your heart intact.

In fact, looking to your friends and family first is the fastest way to awaken self-doubt and discouragement within yourself, which can ultimately lead to failure and resentment.

For Those Who Have Already Made the Mistake

If you have already experienced this type of rejection or lack of support, try not to be bitter. It really is just human nature. Take responsibility for making the mistake of putting your success in the hands of others. And avoid making the same mistake next time.   

Here’s What You Need to Understand

Your success is your own responsibility. You cannot allow the opinions or lack of support from your immediate contacts to stifle your endeavors. Do not waste your time or energy trying to gain the support of your friends and family. They are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Ask yourself:

  • Why am I really doing this? – Are you doing this to help others in your community? To gain financial stability and independence for yourself?
  • Am I doing this for ME (or for them)? – Unless you’re doing this strictly to make them proud, then why does their lack of support have such power?
  • How bad do I want this? – If you really want this, you will make it happen (with -or- without them). If you gave up, YOU DIDN'T WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!
  • Why exactly is their support so important? – Are they providing your food and shelter? Can they create extreme negative circumstances for you if they don’t like what you’re doing?
  • If they are not supportive, does that mean no one else will be?

Sit down and determine who your ideal client/customer is and figure out how to reach THOSE people (aka targeted marketing).


Food for Thought

If you can’t build a business without the support of your immediate circle, then you need to seriously reassess your business idea. Think about it – There are BILLIONS of other people out there!

You've GOT this!

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