Why is a Micro-Niche and a Refined Audience Important?


Many entrepreneurs [especially in the beginning] think that broadening their services or products to appeal to a wider audience will help drum up business. This couldn't further from the truth! 

Broadening your audience just means more money spent on advertising to a very broad audience. Think about it... If you're targeting homeowners with children and not getting a great return on investment (ROI) for advertising, broadening your audience to include 'all' homeowners is just going to spread your ads more thin. 

If you are not getting results from your advertising, generalizing your ads to resonate with a broader audience is not the answer. You don't need to reach more people, you just need to reach the right people. 

To reach the right people, you need to define and hyper-target your ideal customer/client.

In order to accurately define your ideal customer, you don't need a niche, you need a micro-niche.

The difference between a niche and a micro-niche is the difference between specializing in flowers -and- specializing in orchids (HUGE difference).

Now, I realize that the common thought for many people when they hear that is "I'm already not getting great results. If I narrow down my service to a specialty, my audience will be even smaller."

My response to that is: It's not about the size of the audience, it's about the accuracy of the audience.

Let me give you a few examples to help you understand what actually qualifies as a niche, and what the difference is between a niche and a micro-niche. Then we will look at a simple case study.

Here We Go: Micro-Niche Examples

Being a real estate agent is not a niche. Being a residential real estate agent is a niche.

  • Being a residential real estate agent who only sells multi-million-dollar homes is a micro-niche. -and-
  • Being a residential real estate agent who only works with low credit score clients is a micro-niche.

Being a physical therapist is not a niche. Being a physical therapist only back injuries is a niche.

  • Being a physical therapist who only works with back injury clients that involve lawsuits is a micro-niche. -and-
  • Being a physical therapist who only works with professional athletes who have back injuries is a micro-niche.

Same goes for life coaches.

And same goes for ME! I help people make money online by monetizing their passion. That’s not a niche.

  • Ok…I help people identify/refine their passion and monetize it by establishing a strong web presence and building online courses. That’s my niche.

Helping people do all of that using the Kajabi platform is my micro-niche. And because my rates are about 90% LESS than everyone else's, I am able to define my ideal client even more specifically.

Who is your ideal customer?

Example Case: If you teach people how to lose weight, do you just buy an ad and advertise to everyone in the world who wants to lose weight?

You should NOT do that, because your program isn't for everyone. If you provide this service in person, you need to refine location by a certain radius. If your meal plan [as-is] includes meat, then you need to exclude vegans. If your program or training costs $800 per month, then you only target people who can afford that! 

You don't need to broaden your radius and start offering to travel outside your city. You don't need to invest more time and re-write your meal plans to include vegan options. You don't need to lower your prices so more people can afford it. You keep your niche narrow and define your ideal client

In this case, the ideal client would be a non-vegan who lives in the local area and can afford to pay. Plain and simple. With the same advertising budget, if you refined the target audience to households with a certain level of income within a 10-mil radius -and- excluded vegans, you would see an instant boost on ad spend ROI. Because now you are hyper-targeting the right people. Why would you want your ads popping up in the newsfeeds of people who can't get to you -or- afford your service anyway?

There's a lot more to defining your ideal customer, but I think that's enough on that for now.

I hope this was helpful reading for you!

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