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Are you trying to improve your bounce rate but don't know why people are leaving your website? 

If you don't know exactly what a bounce rate is, follow me...

Let's say you invite a new friend over to your house for a special dinner you are preparing. You entice them with all the details and tell them how satisfied they will be after consuming this delectable meal. You can almost hear his/her mouth watering through the phone! So, they accept your offer and head over to your house.

The first thing you do when they arrive is greet them. Then you may offer complimentary snacks and socialize a bit to keep them content and entertained until the main dish is ready to be served. Now, imagine this...

You thought they were going for a bathroom break, but this friend suddenly got up and walked out 🤷‍♂️, with no warning and no explanation [they 'bounced']. 😳

If this was your first time having a friend over, your bounce rate is 100% at this point. NOT good! You might find yourself replaying the scenario in your head trying to figure out exactly where things went wrong.

  • Did you say something wrong?
  • Did the house smell funny?
  • Did they not like the snacks?
  • Did you forget to put toilet paper in the bathroom?

Depending on your relationship with that person, you may just call them up and ask. But in most cases like that, they won't tell you the 'real' reason.

But what if you could actually rewind and see what happened?

The most direct way to find out why people are leaving your website would be to ask them. But if your website visitors are bouncing, it's not likely that they'll opt to provide feedback. The next best thing is to watch a video replay of their visit. 

Google and other web analytics tool providers will show you lots of data like URL's, numbers, percentages, times, etc. But that still leaves so much room for guessing. You see visitors are always leaving from your home page, ok fine. But how do you know why they left? What if you could see how far they scrolled down? Or where they got stuck?

A video replay would certainly give you deeper insight than a URL showing how much time was spent there, right? It would be similar to seeing the replay of your friend's visit, from their perspective. You'd be able to see what they saw, and have a much better chance at understanding why they left. Ultimately, allowing you to make well-informed design decisions and improve your bounce rate.

This is web analytics on a whole new level. Hotjar [the tool in the video demo) is capable of a lot more than screen recordings. They provide tools for feedback collection with web analytics combined. Totally worth checking it out and it's super easy to install on your site. And best of all, Hotjar is FREE if your site gets less than 2,000 page views per day. 

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