10 Things You Don’t Have Time for When Pursuing Big Goals


Big goals require commitment and focus.

You don’t have time for the things that people with mediocre results spend their time on. If your commitment is lacking, there will be PLENTY of distractions. Fortunately, if you’re truly committed, these things are pretty easy to avoid.

Once you’ve set some goals that excite you, there are some things you’ll need to put aside if you want to overcome obstacles and [actually] accomplish those goals with EXCELLENCE.

Do you have a business goal you are passionate about? If so…

Starting NOW, you no longer have time for:

1 - Worrying About the Opinions of Others

First of all [PSA], I hate to burst your bubble, but…people just don’t think about you as much as you might think and they definitely don’t care about what you’re doing as much as you think. When you’re trying to accomplish big goals, you just don’t have time to worry about what other people think. We touch on this one a bit in The Truth About Why Your Friends and Family Won’t Support Your Business. Unless someone is personally and completely supporting you financially -and- their opinion impacts whether you CAN pursue this goal, don’t waste your time asking for it. And you ABSOLUTELY must not waste time discouraging yourself based on opinions you didn’t even ask for 💯!

Moving right along…

2 - Putting Focus and Energy Into the Wrong Things

You can argue about Donald Trump all you want, but you’re not going to change anyone’s mind, and no one is going to change yours. Keep the majority of your attention on the things that have an immediate impact on your personal success, like your relationships and your big goals. Take tabs on how much time you spend engaging in trivial activities and invaluable conversation (negative conversation, meaningless conversation, conversation that does not bring joy). If unsure, ask yourself: Is this worth my time and energy? What am I trying to accomplish here?  

3 - Popular Time Wasters

Big goals require time, and you simply don’t have time to waste on unimportant things. Try keeping a record of how you spend your time for ONE day. You might not be spending your time as productively as you think you are! Here are couple HUGE time wasters:

  • Playing on your smartphone and surfing the internet. Time seems to fly by while you’re watching a parakeet play the organ or just scrolling your newsfeed, doesn’t it? Try spending ONE day without looking at your smartphone unless someone calls you. Notice how much time everyone around you spends looking at their phone.
  • Watching TV. This is one that I learned by accident 😆. Many years ago, I was forced to sell my TV (among other things) in order to stay afloat during a slow period for my business. And let me tell you…that was the best thing that ever happened for my business!

My TV was gone and I was ‘bored’. Except…I wasn’t bored. I started THINKING. Thinking about how to get my business back on track. Within a week, I had come up with several marketing gimmicks to attract and engage my clientele. And they were GOOD!  Things like...Fifty-Dollar Fridays, Wishful Wednesdays, and more.

Yes, they worked. And my business grew! In fact, I’m going to write about that in another article 💡.  Adults in the U.S. still spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV (and twice that much time connected to digital media). Check out THE NIELSEN TOTAL AUDIENCE REPORT Q1 2019 for the proof. – If you think you don’t have ‘time’ to pursue your goals, pay attention to how much time you spend watching TV.

4 - Making Decisions Based on What’s Easy or What’s Accessible in the Moment.

#1 The easy thing is rarely the most effective thing. When you’re hunting a big goal, doing the effective thing is critical. For example: If you need to lose 50 lbs, and all you have in your fridge is soda and frozen pizza...you don't just eat that because that's what you have. You go out and get the right foods [even if you have to walk].

5 - Worrying About Failure

Let's face it, history has proven that most the greats experienced failure before they succeeded. Oprah, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and the list goes on. So what you are afraid of? Check out 15 Highly Successful People Who Failed On Their Way To Success if you need more inspiration.

6 - Trying to Please Everyone (instead of just your target niche)

When you are struggling to stay afloat, do NOT make the mistake of expanding your services to accommodate a wider audience. This may be contrary to what you’ve been taught, but stick to your passion. It’s not about reaching more people, it’s about reaching the RIGHT people. So don’t waste your time or money increasing your ad spend. Take the time to identify who your ideal customers are, and target your advertising to them. Read more here: Why is a Micro-Niche and a Refined Audience Important?

7 - Your Own Excuses

How many times have you said (or heard someone say):

  • I just need to wait until xyz happens
  • It’s just a bad time right now
  • I need to plan better
  • I need to get ‘incorporated’ first 🤔 – Really?? Incorporation is primarily to protect personal assets. I'm not saying being incorporated is a bad idea. But if you’re not making any money, you do NOT need to wait until you are incorporated to start your venture. PERIOD.

It’s called PROCRASTINATION. And putting things off usually suggests that there’s another issue lurking beneath the surface. Identify it, and rectify it. The key here is to TAKE ACTION.

8 - Allowing Your Emotions to Guide You When Logic Should Prevail

We often make decisions in the heat of the moment. Never allow your emotions to determine your actions (in business). Being sad doesn’t mean cancel today’s meeting. Being angry with someone doesn’t mean turn away that referral. Being discouraged doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.   Use your knowledge and experience to make choices that support you and your goals, instead. 

9 - Repeating Mistakes

Repeating mistakes is an EPIC waste of time. It’s like trying to open a locked door over and over again with the wrong key. Make note of lessons learned and do NOT keep repeating the same mistakes.

10 - Seeking Pleasure Over Progress

Last but not least, we have seeing pleasure over progress. Yes, we all want the pleasurable experience. But seek progress first and trust that the pleasure will follow. Celebrate successes (even the smallest) and take ‘me’ time when needed; but don’t let the relaxation, extracurricular girl-time, or pure leisure suck your time away from achieving your goals.

Achieving big goals isn’t just about what you do. It’s also about what you’re willing to give up. There will be things you simply don’t have time for if you want to reach higher levels of success. 

Look at the ways the average person squanders their time and avoid those things. Look at how you tend to waste your time and avoid those things, too. You don’t have time for unsupportive behaviors when you’re aiming high!

 I hope this was helpful for you. Please take a moment to share your thoughts.


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