Turn your knowledge and content into products you can sell and earn BIG!

If you are a life coach, skateboarder, neurosurgeon, photographer, blogger, data scientist, writer, or a dog trainer...you get the idea; you can do this!
Whether you want to grow your local customer base or generate passive income by creating an online course or doing affiliate marketing.
You CAN generate income by sharing your niche! And it doesn't have to cost you a PENNY to get started!

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Here's What You Will Find Help With Here

Identifying and Sharing Your Niche

If you don't think you have a niche, I will help you discover it. EVERYONE has something to offer. If you already have a niche, I will help you narrow it down to a micro-niche for better targeting.

Website and Online Course Creation

I help you establish a solid foundation for sharing your niche  and turn your knowledge into a profitable online course using the same platform I use to power my own business.

Hyper-Targeting Your Audience

Avoid hit and miss marketing efforts by researching the habits of your audience and really defining your prime customers in detail. Hyper-targeting will have a HUGE impact on your results.

Implementing Affiliate Marketing

I will show you how to tap into affiliate marketing -and- find affiliate marketers for your business. Even if you don't offer online courses or memberships, affiliate marketing is a MUST.

"If you hadn’t gotten a fire lit under my ass to blog and join Twitter, I wouldn’t have written this and I’m so [bleeping] proud of it! I shared one of my absolute favorite scenes from my WIP and got so much help from the writing community to perfect it. The blog post with my excerpt got just over 500 views which was a record for me at the time. My work is now being shared and viewed by people all over the world. I think people like some of what I write."

Mackenzie Littledale

"Shelly, let me begin by complimenting you on the outstanding job you did. THAT WAS SMART!! No one wanted to pay me what I was worth, before now! Thanks, I appreciate your help."

M. Rodriguez

"I quit my job lol. That’s how I finally had time. I was loving life, then one Monday I realized what this place has done to me. So I quit. Now thanks to you I have moved on to a better place!"

M. Estevez

"Wow! This can happen. And you really know how to lay out what I have to offer!"

April H.
Miami, FL

"It has been super helpful being a part of this page and community. "

Facebook Group Member
Freelancer - Australia

There's No Better Time Than Now

In case you need proof that there's enough cyberspace out there for everyone...

Social Media Puts the World at Your Fingertips

Social network penetration worldwide is expected to reach nearly 3 BILLION social media users by 2020. And of that population, there is a forecasted 1.92 BILLION digital BUYERS. Social media is the way of today.

The Online Learning Industry is Booming and Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Did you know that experts are also forecasting that the Online Learning Industry will reach $325 BILLION by 2025? It's TRUE! According to an article published by Forbes, market researchers accurately predicted that the industry would reach $107B by 2015. That revenue is expected to TRIPLE by 2025. This means NOW is a great time to get in!

You Can Get Your Share of That Massive Revenue Pie

With industry growth projected at $325 BILLION, of course it's possible for you to make a few thousand bucks a month; maybe even TENS OF THOUSANDS! I will help you achieve that by providing you with the tools, resources, and guidance you need.

Think No One is Interested in Your Experience, Talent, or Expertise?

I've got news for you...They ARE! 

  • A woman in one of my FB groups recently crossed over the $10K milestone. She made over $7K in 30 days with an online course on BALLOON TWISTING!
  • Or what about the little girl who gallops like a horse (for fun)? SEVEN MILLION views on YouTube!! 

Then there's the more serious content. 

  • I paid almost $1500 for a bootcamp to help me pass the project management certification exam.
  • Another woman in my group has earned over $100K with her online course for bereaved parents.

"When I gave up my six-figure career to revive an old business and pursue freelance writing, I quickly learned that I needed a way to generate a passive income while building my business. Through trial and error, I finally got it down to a science and created something that continues earning for me no matter where I am in the world. Now, I'm honored to help you achieve the same."

I decided to build a life doing I've always been really good at, helping others reach the top. And because of this, my life has improved immensley.
Serial Entrepreneur & People Helper

In a Nutshell

Identify Your Niche

If you already have a niche, that's GREAT! If you don't, that's ok too! Identifying your niche or specialty is the first step to tapping into the newsfeeds on BILLIONS of people.

Build an Engaged Audience

Identify your target audience, get to know them, and ENGAGE them. Whether it's photos, videos, tips, or inspiration; make it engaging and keep a consistent theme.

Add Value and Make $$

An engaged audience builds credibility. Consistently adding value breeds trust. Give your audience content to share and a reason to stay. People BUY from who they TRUST.

Feel like you've been here before?

You probably have! The internet has been around a long time and many of us have purchased an endless number of books and course materials, only to end up overwhelmed -or- just not knowing where to start. That's because there's something missing from all those books and courses.
  • Personal Assistance / Hand Holding
  • Help with Implementation
  • Daily Motivation / Accountability
Or how about someone to set it up for you?? 

I was in the same boat!

Let me share with you the two things that changed everything for me, including the platform that made it all possible. You can even try it yourself for FREE!

I can help you develop your idea and get you up and running with an income generating site in just 28 days! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh gosh, that totally depends on YOU. If you are able to hyper-focus and follow through, you can start making money as soon as you have something to offer. Some people spend YEARS trying new things and jumping around before they get help or just give up. - If you choose to work with me, the goal is $1,000 in 28 days!

There's tons of training material out there, but from my experience what's missing from all of these programs is help putting the methods into action. They tell you what to do, but it's usually pretty high-level and they don't actually help you do it. That's why I provide 1:1 coaching through the process from idea -to- launch. Service packages range from video lessons and email support only -to- comprehensive 'done for you' solutions. You can find more detailed information about me and the services I offer on the About page.

The success of my business is measured by the success of my clients. If you don't succeed, my business doesn't succeed. I am vested in your success, so you can rest assured that I will do everything possible to help you. Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I also show you how to take advantage of trials and discounts to get you up and running (and making money) without racking up a bunch of monthly bills. - Then there's also that saying..."Nothing works if you don't".

Yes, absolutely. You go straight to the Kajabi homepage for a 14-Day trial.


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